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Pinehills’ Award-Winning Custom Builders Offer Tips on Building Your Dream Home

June 22, 2017

You love your home, with all of its quirks and perks and even its annoying flaws. But what if you could have controlled all of those quirks, perks, and flaws before moving in, removing that wall to create a more open floor plan, cutting your cucumbers on a lighter granite instead of a black slab, and having a larger master bathroom with two sinks, plus a walk-in closet? And then, what if you could have placed that perfect home on a hillside with a postcard-like view of lush green hills or a pond.

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These Moms and Daughters Are Staying Close at Home in The Pinehills ♥

May 10, 2017

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted you to meet three mothers and their daughters who decided to become neighbors in The Pinehills.

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