Inebri-Art: The Pop-Up Shops at The Pinehills Village Green's Newest Partner!

Andy & "Fish" want you to Drink, Draw, Laugh, Shop and Listen!

June 30, 2022     Village Green, Events

On a bar stool in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 2011, a simple idea was born between a couple of like-minded creatives. Andy Driscoll and Mike “Fish” Murphy, brainstormed that humor and drink could be a powerful way to make art, music, and entertainment accessible to the masses. Inebri-Art was born!

Plymouth checked off all the boxes as a launch pad for Inebri-Art. With a unique art community, lively music scene, some of the best comedians around, and an ever-growing foodie community, it provided everything (and more) to make Inebri-Art a reality.

Those first days of meeting for nights of drawing and drinks, has turned into so much more. (Though, Inebri-art Life Drawing events are still in the mix!) Today, Inebri-Art hosts events in and around Plymouth including Plymouth Art on the Green, Terrarium and Taps, Beer Mug Painting, the Summer Shop Marketplace at local breweries, comedy shows, pop-up art shows, and podcasts - lots of podcasts.

For Andy and “Fish”, whatever they do must meet two conditions:

1. Everybody is included, and
2. It has to be fun.

It’s obvious these hard-working, creative, local small business owners are following their passions and love what they do. Even when things seem to come together by accident, (or as we like to say, "organically",) they have the right attitude - find something you love doing and everything else with fall into place.

Looks like things keep falling into place for Inebri-Art!

Look for Inebri-Art to bring the work of local artists and makers to the Pop-Up Shops on the Village Green in the coming weeks, including woodworking, photography, jewelry, ceramics, doggy duds, cannoli (!), sea glass art, and a whole lot more.

For a complete list of happenings at the Mayflower Beer Garden and Pop-Up Shops on The Pinehills Village Green, be sure to visit our Event Page.

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