Development Team

Development Team

It took the dedication of three years working with the town and state to develop unique permitting that preserves open spaces and creates a thriving local community at the same time. This dedication comes from a commitment to the long-term future of the community by individuals who respect the deep history that runs through Plymouth and The Pinehills.

New England Development

Stephen Karp, Douglass Karp and Steven Fischman, principals of New England Development, the largest private retail developer in the Northeast, specializing in the creation of the next wave of mixed use developments and shopping centers in answer to consumers' ever changing lifestyles.

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About The Green Company

Tony, Alan and Dan Green, former and current principals of The Green Company, a family-owned business recognized for award-winning residential communities.

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Wallace Associates

Tom and Walter Wallace of Wallace Associates, instrumental in acquiring the historic land and laying the groundwork for the innovative, open space zoning created by the Town of Plymouth especially for The Pinehills.

Tony Green, Managing Partner, Pinehills LLC

Managing Partner, Pinehills LLC

Tony Green

Tony Green is not your typical developer — by a long shot. As a third-generation Massachusetts builder, holder of a master's degree in land planning from Harvard, and former principal of the award-winning Green Company, Tony understands that putting nature first makes good business sense. "Instead of making the land something it's not," he says, "my partners and I are fitting our plan to the land." That's why The Pinehills team walks the land together, siting homes on the ground based on their views. And that's why The Pinehills is one of the most beautiful and best-planned communities in the nation.

John Judge, President, Pinehills LLC

President, Pinehills LLC

John Judge

Managing the daily operations of The Pinehills is a big job — and John Judge is the man to do it. As former Assistant Cabinet Secretary for Housing and Community Development, deputy director of The Governor's Office of Economic Development, director of operations for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and director of business development for a leading environmental consulting firm, John knows how to take on a challenge. Or ten. His duties now include strategic planning, land use planning, financial management, permitting, construction management, marketing and general site operations.

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