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Gorgeous Apartment Living with Great Neighbors

May 17, 2024     Homes & Builders, Village Green

We’ve heard the old adage a million times, home is where the heart is. Well, for residents of Marq at The Pinehills, it’s true. There’s a lot to love! From the ease and flexibility of apartment living, to resort-style amenities, to the Marq team that cares for the spaces and residents, to fun planned events and opportunities to socialize, to the many excellent neighbors who make Marq feel, well, like home!

Why Marq at The Pinehills?

Options abound at The Pinehills, because it isn’t just about finding a place to live—it’s about choosing a home that fits your life and fills your heart. No two people have the same needs or desires. So, why do folks choose apartment living at Marq? We did a little detective work and heard some common threads:

Marq at The Pinehills at Night
The Flexibility.

1. I’m Transitioning to/from Another Home in The Pinehills

    Living in one of our luxury apartment neighborhoods can be an excellent solution if you’re ready to sell your home but you:

    • are waiting for your dream house in The Pinehills to be built.
    • are still looking for a home in The Pinehills.
    • need to plan for the possibility that it will sell fast and you will need to bridge the time between selling your old home to closing on a new home.
    • want to call The Pinehills home, but you aren’t sure where, and you just want to get here already!

    2. I Want Hassle-Free Living

      After years of owning a home and everything that comes with it - we’ve heard from Marq residents that they are ready to say goodbye to maintenance chores and hello to leisure.

      • “Living at Marq is like living in a resort,” one happy resident told us. “From the beautiful landscaping (that I don’t have to maintain) to the amenities like the pool and fitness center, it’s like being on vacation – all the time!”
      • Some residents are ready to travel more or spend a stretch of the year in a warm locale. Apartment living for them means they can lock up and leave without worrying about leaving a house empty (and vulnerable) for extended periods of time.

      3. Life Happens

        Life is full of surprises—new jobs, growing families, or educational pursuits. Marq can provide a flexible solution to many of life’s situations. A resort-style home base that works for your needs right now. You know, the right place at the right time!

        We heard from a former resident who temporarily relocated here for work and spent “two of the best years” of their life calling Marq home. “If we ever move back to Massachusetts, we’ll call Marq for sure. Thank you for making us feel at home.”

        The People.

        “Love the residents here. Everyone I know is kind, caring and nice.” - Diane

        Friends and neighbors at Marq make ordinary, extraordinary.

        Marq boasts an engaged mix of residents who contribute their rich histories, varied interests, and cool career experiences to the community. Community Manager, Amanda Hadad, told us about some of their interesting neighbors including a retired police chief, a boat captain, and one of the earliest female writers at Sports Illustrated (now active in The Pinehills writing club.)

        People who make Marq their home are a fascinating group!

        “We feel blessed that so many residents take pride in living here at Marq,” said Amanda. “There are more hellos and how are yous than complaints, and we love that participating in community life here is a huge part of our residents’ daily lives.”

        The Fun Things to Do.

        The secret sauce for any great neighborhood is connecting the neighbors. For that, Marq has a team of experts! They plan gatherings where little moments become memorable adventures, common spaces become joyful gathering spots, and neighbors become friends. Whether it’s a paint night, spring fling disco, fun-draiser, or good old-fashioned party.

        Gina, Assistant Community Manager at Marq, tells us, "coming up with the next event is a collaborative effort. The team sits down with what seems like a million GREAT ideas and we pick favorites, and work through the details.” Gina says they have a go-to group of residents to run ideas by for their thoughts and stamp of approval. After all, that’s who will bring life to any party at Marq!

        The Amenities and Beautiful Spaces

        We can’t talk about Marq without talking about what makes daily living so special here. Spacious floor plans and resort-style amenities are designed to enrich whatever the day may bring. This time of year, residents especially love the courtyard and make the most of it, complete with a firepit, grilling area and the most inviting pool! That sound you hear? It’s your friends at Marq having a fantastic time.

        Neighbors at Marq are also our neighbors at The Pinehills. Do you know that residents of luxury apartment homes in The Pinehills can take advantage of all the same amenities available to residents of The Pinehills? Amanda tells us that residents “share a sense of community with The Pinehills, not just Marq.” They can be found participating in the many clubs and activities available at The Stonebridge Club.

        Ready to Make Your Marq?

        Jake is ready to answer any of your questions about life at Marq. He can be found in the Leasing Office at 40 Pinehills Drive, Plymouth, MA, or by calling 508-568-6025.

        Online you can visit Marq at the Pinehills and discover your next home today!

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