Meet The Pinehills' Resident Pulitzer Prize Winner Walter "Robby" Robinson

Celebrating 20 Years of Stories Behind the Pines

February 25, 2021     People in The Pinehills, 20 Years of Stories

As we Celebrate 20 Years of Stories here at The Pinehills, we’ve introduced you to some of the interesting people living and working here. And we think you will be fascinated with the stories from the man you are about to meet — Walter “Robby” Robinson.

Robby is a veteran investigative reporter and editor. You may know him as the leader of the Boston Globe Spotlight team awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for reporting that uncovered the Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. And, the story of that hugely significant investigation was brought to the big screen in the Academy Award-winning film, Spotlight. (Actor Michael Keaton played Robby in the film!)

In our interview, we talk with Robby about his time at the Globe, the Spotlight movie, how journalism has drastically changed, and what life is like here at The Pinehills for him and his wife.

Trust us, time with Robby is time well spent! Click on the image of Robby above to watch the interview.

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