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Celebrating 20 Years of Stories Behind the Pines

September 24, 2021     People in The Pinehills, 20 Years of Stories

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Their business cards read “Storyteller,” & they are the ❤️ of hospitality at The Pinehills.

At five square miles, The Pinehills is a big place. In fact, bigger than some Massachusetts towns! Like a town, there is a lot to see and do, and when it comes to home choices there is something for everyone. All those options are awesome, but on a first visit to The Pinehills, it’s a lot to take in. That’s where our Summerhouse Greeters come in. They welcome you in and help you find your way (literally and metaphorically) at The Pinehills. Meet Pat Vardzik, Lois MacIsaac, Linda Maffini, & Jean Malaquias.

We also call them Storytellers. Official narrators of The Pinehills story with all its facets. They are experts in the facts and figures and can answer all your questions. But, they are also the best listeners. They know that hearing your story – where you’re from, where you want to go, where your interests lie, and why you’ve come to The Pinehills today – is the best way to point you in your perfect Pinehills direction.

As Lois MacIsaac, a long-time Storyteller at The Pinehills, puts it:

"When telling The Pinehills story, I feel guests getting excited about all The Pinehills has to offer and the possibilities of living here. That excitement is contagious, and I get excited for them! I see them falling in love with the idea of starting a new life chapter, from finding their perfect home to exploring the trails, shopping at The Market to enjoying a day of pampering at Mirbeau Inn & Spa. Stories don't come much better than the stories of The Pinehills, and I love introducing people to them."

If you'd like to visit The Summerhouse and meet our Greeters in person, you can make an appointment for an overview of The Pinehills by clicking here or by calling (508) 209-2000.

Our Summerhouse Greeters

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