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September 12, 2017     Homes & Builders

Have you ever walked into a room and just swooned over everything - from a plush sofa to the finishing touches of pillows and throws? Those rooms don’t just happen, it takes the keen eye of a designer to create the feel of “move-in-ready.” At The Pinehills, we work with some very talented interior designers who are always on top of the current design trends. This week, we had the opportunity to talk with the designer of our newest model at 14 Poet's Corner for insight on the latest home trends.

Design inspiration can come from anywhere, just ask Meghan Roberts, Ethan Allen District Design Manager:

Q - When you stage a model home at The Pinehills, is there a specific look and feel?

A - We collaborate with the builders as well as members of The Pinehills’ team. As designers our favorite saying goes, “we can all create a beautiful space in our eyes,” but the space has to be perfect for the home owner. With the models, we get to have a lot of fun - try new designs and pieces.

Q - Does The Pinehills elicit a certain design trend or look, or do you take inspiration depending on the room that you are working on?

A - We take inspiration from the client when we are designing a personal space. Just the other day a designer was at a client’s home and she met the king of the house - a beloved German Shepherd. So, the fur of his coat and his personality became some of the inspiration for the design of the space. It has warm browns, leathers, rich oatmeals and pops of navy as accents. It came out beautifully. Often, clients will have a piece that they love and we will coordinate a design around that. We also do full design packages- for clients moving into a new home who want to start fresh. Our designers gather feedback, the wants, needs and wishes of the homeowner and we develop the total design plan based on what we learn from them. You can often see those plans published on our Plymouth Ethan Allen Facebook and Instagram page!

Q - In what model homes can we look forward to seeing Ethan Allen products?

A - We just completed a design project at the lovely new cottage model home by MacKenzie Brothers at 14 Poet's Corner. You can also see our designs at 19 Dawns Light- a partnership with The Pinehills and Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders. That project was the first in a great friendship built from the 2016 Boston magazine Design Home. The Design Home was for such a great cause, Boston Children’s Hospital, and we were proud that we could help make it a success along with the other talented designers and retailers in the community.

Q - Just curious – who exactly is Ethan Allen?

A - He is a Revolutionary War hero from Vermont. The firm adopted the name "Ethan Allen" for its early-American style furniture introduced in 1939. We’re committed to American style- but what does that mean today? It means, like America, we’re a microcosm of the world. We embrace its many design influences. We teach new generations of craftspeople time-honored techniques even as we embrace the latest in technology.

Q - Do you think that people have a certain impression when they hear “Ethan Allen”?

A - Since 1932, we've specialized in beautifully designed, beautifully crafted classics that become as much a part of your style as a little black dress or favorite pair of jeans. Ethan Allen is American Style - its attitude and landscapes, its many shades, inspirations and interpretations.

We are more than a retailer. We also design and build most of what we sell. This allows us to bring you styles you can’t find anywhere else, created with an uncompromised level of craftsmanship and at values that might surprise you.

Q - How has that impression changed over the years?

A - For nearly a century, Ethan Allen has been synonymous with fine craftsmanship and excellent design. A lot has changed over 85 years, but this is as true as ever. At Ethan Allen you’ll discover an array of exclusive and eclectic fashions for the home. And endless ways to personalize your choices through fabrics, finishes, and trims, along with the priceless help of our professional designers, which is always on the house. Ethan Allen is the largest interior design firm in the world.

Q - If folks are interested in seeing more of Ethan Allen where can they go?

A - Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And visit us at 45 Home Depot Drive- exit 5 in Plymouth, or online.

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