Skanska Development visits The Pinehills for ideas, inspiration

November 08, 2013     Homes & Builders, In The Media

When a surgeon creates an innovative procedure, other surgeons want to learn how to do it. When a business approach makes someone a lot of money, it doesn’t take long before a other businesses copy it.

The same holds true for development, and Plymouth holds boasting rights to The Pinehills, a jewel in the crown when it comes to everything from taxes to services. The development is so successful, it’s become an international case study.

Skanska, one of the world’s largest development companies, paid an international visit to The Pinehills this week, giving 20 members of its leadership team a chance to learn the art of community building. Representatives from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latin America, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries met with Pinehills LLC Managing Partner Tony Green and others to tour the layout and design of this development the National Association of Homebuilders dubbed the best in America.

It’s not the first time Skanska has visited The Pinehills.

“Skanska chose The Pinehills after sending a manager around the world to benchmark the best places, as they are the largest homebuilder in Scandinavia and northern Europe,” Green explained. “After her report, the management team from Skanska Residential came from Sweden to learn about The Pinehills, first as a small group and then with a larger group. The following year, Skanska invited me to spend a week looking at their new neighborhoods in Sweden, and to hold a day-long seminar for their managers from their Scandinavian and European operations.”

As such, The Pinehills is providing information and ideas for other countries anxious to reap the benefits of self-sustained, mixed-use growth that has proven to be a win for both the residents and the town.

“Skanska is one of the world’s largest construction companies and an active community builder,” Skanska Development Program Manager Anna Sifvert said. “When developing our future leaders, we want them to find inspiration in some of the best examples of communities focusing on sustainability.”

The Pinehills is home to more than 1,740 families with another 100 homes under construction and 300,000-square-feet of mixed-use commercial space in the Village Green. It’s the largest taxpayer in Plymouth. Green noted that the assessed $800 million value of the development generates $10 million in net taxes annually. That means the $10 million figure reflects reductions in town-provided services taxpayers cover.

“The Pinehills has private water and wastewater services, as well as private roads and over 10 miles of walking trails, all maintained by the residential and commercial landowners,” Green added. “The Pinehills Master and District Associations plow streets and driveways as well as shovel front walks. Similarly, roads, trails, water and sewer services are all privately maintained.”

The Pinehills also provides services to the town. The Market, gas station, restaurant and Village Green serve the public as well as residents of The Pinehills. In addition, Mirbeau Inn & Spa is slated to open next year and will include a wine bar bistro, restaurant and meeting space.

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