The “Green”ing of The Pinehills

November 01, 2012    

You’ve been with The Pinehills since the beginning. Tell us how The Green Company has evolved its company and home design over those last eleven years…
We began our homebuilding business in the 1950’s in Marlborough and Northborough. Our specialty became condo communities. We brought the concept to Cape Cod in the late 1970s where we built two communities: Falmouthport and Treetops, both in Falmouth. We learned that homebuyers loved the amenities that came with living in a community and that these communities allowed us to build while still respecting the land and being environmentally sensitive. Both communities are still thriving and both became models for what we have been creating at The Pinehills.

Our decision to become the first homebuilders at The Pinehills was based on a number of things. First of all we were attracted to The Pinehills because of my son Tony. (Tony Green is the Managing Partner of The Pinehills, LLC) Plus, the location was ideal and the land was absolutely fabulous.

DAN: We were also attracted to the partnership of expertise that made up The Pinehills. With New England Development, The Green Company and Wallace Associates we had top experts in retail/commercial, homebuilding and the local market. You can’t get better than that! We are very proud that we have been such an important part of creating the largest master planned community in the Northeast.

Talk to us about the Green Company philosophy.

DAN: We build houses and create neighborhoods but it’s our buyers that make homes and desirable communities. Plus, we make it a point to learn from our buyers and from each community/neighborhood we build. Our goal is to meet our buyers’ evolving needs.

ALAN: We’re not only builders and developers, but creators of environments in which people can realize their dreams.

You have sold more than 600 Homes at The Pinehills…tell us about your many neighborhoods

DAN: Our first neighborhood was Pine Cobble where we built 7 homes. These homes were similar to the work we had done on the Cape and included both detached homes as well as condos. From Pine Cobble we built Forest Edge and then Winslowe’s View which has 550 homes. We are proud that there are only 2 homes left for sale. After that it was Rebecca’s Landing and then Five Lanterns and The Greens. It was in these most recent neighborhoods that we created our award winning Fresco homes.

Talk to us about Fresco. Fresco One won Best Home of the Year from the National Association of Home Builders – tell us about these special homes. And this design is being offered in more than one neighborhood at The Pinehills…can you tell us which ones?

DAN: Our Fresco Homes were a big creative change for us and came about after a tour of homes on the West Coast. We really wanted to take advantage of the indoor/outdoor living spaces that we saw in California and bring this concept to New England. We pushed the design envelope to create homes with private outdoor courtyards that are surrounded by and become the entire focus of the home. The courtyard of each home is kept private from the outside by privacy fence on one side and three walls of glass of the home on the others. The result is that not only do the homeowners have great views out the back of golf or pines, but they have fantastic light as well as a great interior view into the landscaped courtyard that is unique to them.

We won two 2011 Best in American Living Awards for Fresco given out by the National Association of Homebuilders. Best Home in the Region (New England/New York) for the work we did on Fresco 3 and The Best Home in the Country for Fresco 1. We’re told that the Best in the country award came down to our 1400 square foot Fresco home in The Pinehills vs. a 6000 square foot custom home in Napa Valley. The judges felt our home delivered everything the 6000 square foot home did, but in one-quarter the space so they gave the award to us.

Now, onto the next frontier – we’ve noticed some new building going on at The Pinehills next to the Village Green! What is your new neighborhood; when is its planned opening date and can you please describe the homes.

ALAN: As Dan mentioned, one of the things that we pride ourselves on as a company is that we always learn from our buyers and the community and apply as much of that knowledge to our next project. That’s what we’ve done with our newest neighborhood, Greengate which is scheduled to debut on December 1, 2012.

The Green Company’s Fresco Model Homes have moved from Winslowe’s View to the new Greengate Neighborhood. All Model Homes are open daily, 9am-5pm.

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