The Pinehills Wins 12 National Awards

National Association of Homebuilders names The Pinehills’ Fresco Home of the Year

January 25, 2011     Homes & Builders

Tony Green must be doing something right.

The Pinehills Managing Partner was pleased to announce that The Pinehills’ Fresco home, built by The Green Company, has been awarded The National Association of Homebuilders’, or NAHB’s, Home of the Year platinum award.

It’s the queen mother of building awards and was accompanied by 11 others – all platinum and gold awards for single-family attached homes, best green-built home, single-family home and a myriad of others.
“It is unusual for one place to win so many,” Green said. “I think the site planning and the way that the homes fit into the environment doesn’t happen very often. Some of that credit goes to the town of Plymouth. They let a different process happen. Houses are sited according to the best view, essentially. We figure out where the best view is and that’s where we put the house.”

By contrast, zoning constraints often dictate where homes can be placed, he said. Plymouth, in its wisdom, allowed The Pinehills more latitude with zoning, which, in turn, allowed for a more beautiful development.
The Fresco home is particularly pleasing because it’s an attached home that appears to be unattached, Green explained.

“When you open the door to enter the house, you’re in an outdoor room, a private courtyard, part of which is under a roof,” he said. “There’s an outdoor fireplace and the rest of the courtyard is open to the sky. It really is spectacular.”

The key to successful designs like this one, which costs approximately $400,000, is careful attention to detail and listening to what customers want. Green and other professionals, like designer Bob White and architect Walter Yarosh, put their heads together to create The Pinehills’ cottage-style home, which has become so popular. This team traveled to Florida to view homes there and brainstorm a unique type of house with open, yet cozy, rooms. They asked potential buyers what they were looking for as well, prior to sitting down and designing the project.

“It’s an honor to be recognized,” Green said. “There’s a lot of credit to go around, from the town itself that allowed something different to happen here, to the builders and the team at The Pinehills that executed what was permitted in a way that it won home of the year.”

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