Two New Cottages Coming to Hickorywood

Interview with a Home Builder

January 12, 2017     Homes & Builders

Tucked away in the woods, not far from Rye Tavern, Barefoot Cottage Company has started construction on two new cottage homes in the Hickorywood neighborhood. Bill Wennerberg, Barefoot Cottage Company partner and creative force, is bringing his rustic, colorful cottages to life. Only five home sites remain in this neighborhood for nature-lovers. Each home is thoughtfully placed among the rolling typography, surrounded by lanky pines and dressed in an eclectic mix of colors, textures and materials. Views, from any room in your home, leave you feeling like you live in a treehouse. Even the landscaping takes a lesson from mother nature.

From the reclaimed wood of an old mill building, to pieces of wood found at The Pinehills, to shingles on the inside, Bill pays special attention to making sure that each cottage has a custom, unique feel. All the homes feature wide pine floors, stainless steel appliances and creative fireplace mantles. And, each get the one-of-a- kind details for which this dreamer, Bill Wennerberg, is always hunting.

“Like brothers and sisters, you’ll find that no two homes in Hickorywood are the same,” says Bill. “They look like they’re from the same family and belong together, but they all have their own unique character.”

If it sounds like Bill’s homes are his babies, they are. He’s so attached to each home that once you buy your cottage he asks you to name it. He then presents you with a quarter board hand carved sign with the homes’ name. (Don’t be surprised if Bill helps you name it!)

The two new homes, 14 Hickorywood and 16 Hickorywood, range from the high $600's into the $700's. They are now under construction and available for purchase. To learn more about the cottages and the Hickorywood neighborhood, follow this link or contact the Custom/Cottage sales team at (508) 209-2000.

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