Wednesday Unwind - Meet The Pinehills Tree Climbers Club

April 08, 2020     Homes & Builders, 20 Years of Stories

Hello Again!

We're back with our weekly reminder about what day of the week it is - the Wednesday Unwind!

Today we have a story to share, one that we've heard a few times over the years, and we laugh every time. In case you're under the impression that land planning and siting homes is boring, we'd like to introduce you to The Pinehills Tree Climbers Club. These guys figured out long ago (and have taught us all well) that laughter and daily adventure make life more fun at The Pinehills. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do!

Happy Passover & Happy Easter,

The Pinehills Team

You're Never Too Old to Climb a Tree.

One way to look at the world is from above. The view from the treetops provides a unique way to look at the land. That's been The Pinehills' approach from the very beginning. Our resident tree climbers, Managing Partner, Tony Green; Construction Manager, Ken Moore; and President, John Judge, have been climbing the trees of The Pinehills for years.

So take a look back with us to when Tony, Ken, and John were climbing, walking (and driving!) the land to find just the right locations for The Summerhouse and the early neighborhoods of The Pinehills.

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