20 Wednesday Unwind - Sarah Bramhall's Pinehills Story

Old Plimoth meets New Plymouth at Mirbeau Inn & Spa

August 05, 2020     Village Green, 20 Years of Stories, Wednesday Unwind

The Pinehills may be the town’s newest village, but Plymouth, Massachusetts, has a long history, and family roots run deep. In the generations since the Mayflower arrived in Plymouth Harbor, many descendants of those first passengers have stayed close. And, for brides planning a wedding at Mirbeau Inn & Spa in The Pinehills, that's a very good thing. Mirbeau’s talented Wedding and Event Specialist, Sarah Bramhall (💍newly Snyder – congrats!) comes from a long line of Plymoutheans. How long, you ask? Well, it’s a common type of conversation around here: the Bramhall family came not long after the Mayflower, but today’s Bramhalls are also related to the Doty and Warren families who did actually arrive on that famous vessel. You may recognize the Bramhall name from the adorable Bramhall's Country Store, just 10 minutes away from The Pinehills in the heart of historic Chiltonville. Sarah's cousins own and operate Bramhall's which was established in the 1800's. The store and the Bramhall name are pretty much Plymouth institutions.

As part of the (newer) Mirbeau Plymouth family, Sarah has been trusted by countless brides to bring the "wow" to their wedding day. And while weddings and events look different than they did when we interviewed Sarah in early March, she and her team are now offering an "Elope at Mirbeau" experience that will have you embracing an unforgettable “micro-wedding” with only the most special people in your lives.

Click the image above to listen as Sarah Bramhall connects Plimoth Colony to modern day Plymouth and The Pinehills with stories of her Plymouth roots, Bramhall's Country Store and Mirbeau Inn & Spa.

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