Breaking News: Birdy Brouhaha in Boatwright's Loop

A Pinehills neighborhood gone to the birds.

January 26, 2024     People in The Pinehills

The normally quiet Boatwright’s Loop saw some drama between neighbors recently, and Ken Grille has the photos to prove it! (Thanks to his Bird Buddy smart feeder camera.)

Forget about human drama, the real action was captured at Ken’s bird feeder between some Eastern Bluebirds and a Northern Cardinal. Witness the comical clashes, the beak-to-beak banter, and the pecking order that revealed itself.

Ken assures us that no bird flies away hungry – there’s plenty for everyone.

While Ken has managed to capture these fun images from his home in Boatwright’s Loop here in The Pinehills, he’s also spent time photographing a diverse range of subject matter. From wow moments on the red carpet, to runway moments at fashion week. amazing travel shots, stunning nature photography, and family photos.

View his photography on Facebook at Ken Grille Photography.

Ken is available for any of your photography needs. Reach out to Ken at or through his Facebook page.

Now, grab your popcorn and keep your eyes on the feeder – the feathery feud is roiling, and the birds are stealing the spotlight.

Birdy Brouhaha at Boatwright's Loop

Dinner out with Boo.
Ken Grille BWL Birds
Waiting for my turn and then...

Ken Grille BWL birds 3
Who invited you?
Ken Grille BWL Birds 4
Can you believe this guy?
Are you serious right now?
Don't rush me, buddy.
Well, Boo's out.
You can wait until I'm ready to leave.
I'm starving, here.
What was up with that attitude?
Eating in peace.

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