Hiking The Pinehills & Beyond with Neighbor & Author, Frank Werny

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April 14, 2023     People in The Pinehills, Behind the Pines

Making the Trek to The Pinehills

Frank Werny and his wife Dorothy found their way to The Pinehills from Westchester, PA. After visiting family on Cape Cod for many years, they decided to make the move to New England. It was an easy decision for them and The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA checked off everything on their list, (and more.) The setting among the ponds, bogs, forest, ocean, the people, and the activities. They’ve happily called The Pinehills home since 2003 and are currently tucked up in the hilly, Hickorywood neighborhood – enjoying life in their “cabin in the woods.”

Frank, a former marathon runner (darn those hips,) started exploring The Pinehills by foot. When he inquired at the Stonebridge Club if there was a hiking club, (there wasn’t,) he was encouraged to create one. (He did.) For ten years, Frank led a group from The Pinehills on monthly hikes. While no longer leading hikes, Frank joins other groups a couple of times a week to get his hiking fix.

Amazing Views to See

From views of Cape Cod Bay, to the green of deep pine forests, to the restored natural beauty of our neighbors at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Plymouth’s Pine Hills are nothing short of spectacular. Why not reconnect with the world around you on a hike around The Pinehills, Plymouth and beyond.

Hiking Tips

Frank recommends that you hike smart. That means following his list of hiking tips:

  1. Bring water
  2. Bring a snack
  3. If you're bringing a backpack, include a first aid kit, insect repellent and sunscreen
  4. Keep ticks away by wearing tick repellent spray or clothing
  5. Wear layered clothing especially in the colder months
  6. Bring a trail map (We love the mobile app All Trails)
  7. Don't overdo it
  8. Don’t go alone

Werny Book Covers

Buy the Books

Frank’s passion for hiking is evident, given the books he’s written on the subject. If you’re ready to hit the trails, we recommend a stop at the Book Love pop-up on The Pinehills Village Green where you can find all of Frank’s books. (He’s their best-selling author!) We’re loving Hike the Trails of the Pine Hills! (with new and revised hikes.) The book features over 35 hiking trails on the slopes of the Pine Hills from Beaver Dam Road to Cape Cod Bay.

More Information

Frank is no longer running the Hiking Club at The Pinehills, but if you live here, consider filling his hiking boots and starting the club up again! The Landowners Association team at the Stonebridge Club can help you get started. 508.209.2355

Connect with Frank through his Hike Plymouth Facebook page.

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