These Moms and Daughters Are Staying Close at Home in The Pinehills ♥

On Mother's Day They Don't Have Far to Travel to Celebrate!

May 10, 2017     Homes & Builders, People in The Pinehills

The New York Times printed a fascinating story stating that the average American lives only 18 miles from his or her mother. Multiple generations are moving closer to each other and The Pinehills is home to some great examples. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want you to meet three mothers and their daughters for whom 18 miles is waaaay too far. For them, it’s more like 18 steps!

Barbara and Her Daughter Robyn

Barbara and her daughter Robyn

Robyn and her mom live steps away from each other in a beautiful custom home designed by builder, Kistler & Knapp. The connected design of the home allows Robyn to be close to her mom if needed, but also allows her mom to have the privacy of living in her own home just steps away through a glass hallway. It’s an ideal situation for both mom and daughter. Robyn puts it beautifully saying, “Living this way allows us to make lasting memories together,” and they both could not be happier.

What Motivated You to Become Neighbors?

Robyn: We want to be close so we can help out if Mom is ever in a situation where she needs us. Also, we hadn't lived together in 19 years, and only saw each about 6 times a year. This is a time to make lasting memories together.

The Best Part of Being Neighbors:

Barbara: Living near my son-in-law. He’s my favorite!

Robyn: It doesn't hurt that my husband, Kevin, is an excellent cook!

Barbara: I like living with Robyn and Kevin because I’m very comfortable. We get along well and I’m happy we get to spend more time together.

Robyn: I love having my Mom living adjacent to us. She was in New Jersey up until October 2015 and we began to worry about her living alone. This was the perfect house and community for us to ask her to make the big move. The move was easier for us than Mom because she had to leave her friends in New Jersey, but there is no shortage of friends and family as frequent guests at our new house!

What Do You Love About Your Home?

The custom

Robyn: We all love living in The Pinehills. There are so many wonderful amenities - restaurants, activities, pool, walking paths, The Market, Sylvia's, Charles David (we all are clients there!) Our friends call it “the bubble” because there is really no need to leave since everything is here.

Our house is a dream home for us. There is a main house connected to a carriage house by a glass hallway. So, we have a full house for my husband and I, and then down a connecting hallway, Mom's house has a master bedroom, a sitting room, a full bath with washer dryer, a living room/dining room and a full gourmet kitchen. She doesn't just have an in-law suite, she has a house that is perfectly sized for her, with the extra comfort of being next door to her daughter and son-in-law.

Describe a Typical Day Living in The Pinehills:

Robyn: A typical day for us in the warmer season is going to Holmes Farm to cut flowers and buy some fruits and veggies from our CSA share. We love The Rye Tavern. Being there is like an extension of our home. Mom just had her first spa treatment at Mirbeau with my aunt. They loved it! We also love using the pool at The Stonebridge Club and we head to the beach as often as possible on weekends.

Dorothy and Her Daughters Michele and Janine

Dorothy and her daughters Janine and Michele

This is a true family affair: Dorothy and her daughter Janine live together and Michele lives next door – all in beautiful Fresco style homes built by The Green Company. They can wave at each other from their front yards or escape from each other into their inner courtyards. (The beauty of that unique Fresco design!) Though the option exists, this family doesn’t sound like they want to escape each other.

What Motivated You to Become Neighbors?

Michele: Our motivation to live so close to each other is for the ease of taking care of our mom. We share in all that is necessary for my mom to live comfortably in her home. It started when I was two years away from retiring, I decided it was time to find a smaller home, and a new, easier way of life. My sister and I grew up spending summers on the Cape and I loved the beach life. However, I did not want to deal with bridge traffic or Cape traffic in the summer. One day I saw an advertisement for The Pinehills. Mom and I drove down and had a tour of all the various neighborhoods and possible home styles. We made the trip a few more times. We fell in love with the Fresco Homes by the Green Company and being in Plymouth.

Janine: Motivation for becoming neighbors, for me, is that I am able to help my sister care for Mom.

The Best Part of Being Neighbors:

Dorothy: I am happy to be in my home with Janine here and Michele next door. They make sure I am well taken care of. I don't need to shop, cook, wash clothes, or clean anymore. I feel safe knowing they are nearby.

Janine and Michele: The best part about living with and near our mom is it enables her to remain in her own home. She is turning 90 soon and we take care of all her needs.

What Do You Love About Your New Home?Fresco 3 Courtyard by Green Company

Michele: The Pinehills is the ideal community for all of us. I participate in a myriad of activities as does my sister. I love golf and my sister and I both enjoy the lessons and clinics at the Nicklaus and Jones courses at Pinehills Golf Club. We also go to yoga classes, lectures, cooking demonstrations, art lessons, and other activities at The Stonebridge Club. There are so many amenities here: restaurants, a spa, dentists, doctors, bank, salon, The Market, gas station and more. All of these make for an easy and interesting life.

Janine and Michele: We love our homes! The Fresco 3 style condominiums are full of light. They are open concept with outdoor courtyards, master suites on first floor, a second bedroom or den on first floor, as well as a full loft upstairs with living area, bedroom and bathroom.

Michele: Having two sons, a daughter-in-law and grand dog, I have more than enough room for all. When my guests come, they love the privacy the loft/bedroom area upstairs affords them. And, my courtyard is a great place to entertain!

Janine: We all get to have fun with extended family when the children, grandchildren and cousins come to visit!

How Alike Are You: (A) The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree or (B) Apples and Oranges?

Janine: Both A and B. My mom and I both like baking and we often watch cooking shows together. We also both like gardening, but I do the gardening and she enjoys the results! We are different in that I’m social and enjoy all the opportunities here at The Pinehills. I’m a member of The Pinehills Glee Club. My mom is not social, but she does enjoy going to the Glee Club concerts at the Overlook and Stonebridge Clubs.

Michele: I like cooking and have been to some cooking demonstrations at the Stonebridge Club. My mother used to be a good cook, but no longer has any interest. I am social too, and have met many friends here, especially in our neighborhood. We have lots of events : Friday night "cocktails and appetizers" at the pool in the summer, ladies' luncheons, ladies' breakfasts, men's breakfasts, pool party openings, pool party closings, our Garden Walk and the Holiday Party at the Pavilion Room in the Pinehills Golf clubhouse.

Describe a Typical Day Living in The Pinehills:

Michele: There are no typical days here! Each is unique depending on who we are with or what we decide to do. The waterfront in downtown Plymouth has much to explore. Janine took her grandsons for a "pirate cruise" out on the harbor. I took my college friends for a boat trip to Provincetown. There are great beaches, such as Scusset, White Horse, and many more in neighboring towns. Plimoth Plantation has movies, the Farmers Market, and lectures. Shopping at Derby Street in Hingham is an all day excursion. Crossing over the bridge to the Cape for more beaches, restaurants and art galleries is another great day trip. We are still exploring the multitude of nearby restaurants. After a busy day we can go to Mirbeau, enjoy the spa and have a drink and dinner at the Bistro & Wine Bar. What can I say? Life is great at The Pinehills!

Judy and her Daughter Stacey

Judy and her daughter Stacey

Judy and Stacey are excited to be moving next door to each other soon. They’ve chosen the Vista Point neighborhood by Toll Brothers, which means they’ll enjoy single-family homes with stunning views, plus a private neighborhood clubhouse with a heated outdoor swimming pool, bocce courts and more to enjoy. They anticipate a lot of shared family holidays, a lot of beach time, a lot of dog walking and a lot of laughing. Who says you can’t choose your neighbors?

What Motivated You to Become Neighbors?

Judy: We have been looking at The Pinehills for quite a few years now. I was so surprised and happy when Stacey told me they were looking, too. It all came together. Vista Point is the perfect spot for all of us. We will finally downsize and have the best neighbors ever!

Stacey: My parents introduced us to The Pinehills. They have been fans for a while. We spent a day with them at The Pinehills and fell in love, too. We planned to live in close proximity to each other but hadn't found the right place to build or buy...until we visited Toll Brothers’ Vista Point. We found the perfect opportunity there to choose the location and "right-sized homes" for each of us. The best part is that we got to pick two of our favorite people as our neighbors!

The Best Part of Being Neighbors:

Judy: I look forward to more time with Stacey, Mark and the dogs. We cherish family gatherings at the holidays. Being next door will make it all the better. Stacey and Mark are the perfect couple and we have lots of laughs together. Sharing dog time is a plus. And I envision small chats. It feels comfortable to have family close by.

Stacey: I’m most looking forward to more impromptu time together and having my life and fashion coach right next door! My parents are amazing- anyone who knows, or even just meets them, are immediately drawn to them – they are salt of the earth and funny as all heck.

Toll Bayhill Model Home Kitchen

What Do You Love About Your New Home?

Judy: The Bayhill design has everything we need. The options are fabulous and of high caliber. My favorite things are the window sills, the gas fireplace, the low maintenance, and the 2 car garage - just everything. And of course “our neighbors” are delightful.

Stacey: There are SO many things we are excited about! The design options are top notch. With so many details to consider, it can feel overwhelming, but the Toll Brothers team provides the highest level of guidance and one-on-one consultations to make it fun. We are customizing our home based on personal preferences - and budget. I have to comment on Judy highlighting her window sills - a unique thing to get excited about, right?

How Alike Are You: (A) The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree or (B) Apples and Oranges?

Judy: (A) Stacey is her mother’s daughter. We enjoy crafting, spending time together with Stacey and Mark at the beach with tuna sandwiches and Cape Cod Potato Chips (heaven to me!) Family is very important to us and now we can bribe our other kids and grand-babies with the amenities at The Pinehills and living close to the beach.

Stacey: (A) We are pretty similar. We all love being near the ocean, spending time with family and friends, and laughing. We recently introduced Judy to tailgating-it's one of her favorite things to do now. We have a lot of fun doing that before country concerts. (Judy LOVES Sam Hunt.)

Judy: Yes! Now I am hooked on tailgating-where have I been? It was interesting to find out Stacey and Mark both like country music, too.

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