Happy Retirement to The Pinehills President, John Judge

Celebrating 24 years of leadership and friendship at The Pinehills

January 14, 2022     Newsroom

John Judge, after 24 years as President, Pinehills LLC, retired at the end of 2021. To say that we will miss him is a mountain of an understatement. John was in the trenches every day, doing the work and relationship building that took The Pinehills from an idea, to one of the nation’s premier models of successful, sustainable placemaking.

Building a community like The Pinehills is no accident. It takes thoughtful, deliberate planning, vision, and the right team. Something that Tony Green, Managing Partner of Pinehills LLC and John Judge put into action over 20 years ago when they began developing The Pinehills. It also is the foundation of a lot of great stories.

Is Night Time the Right Time (to see The Pinehills for the first time?)
If you ask Tony, it seems like just yesterday that he introduced John to this beautiful place during a (pitch-black) night time tour of The Pinehills down Old Sandwich Road. And that’s just one of the many stories we have from John Judge!

Changing the Course of the Golden Bears’ Life
We’re sure that John’s retirement will be filled with extra tee times. As a lover of the game of golf, he thoroughly enjoys the story of touring Jack Nicklaus around a yet-to-be-developed Pinehills and inadvertently encouraging Jack’s decision to finally get needed hip surgery.


Designated 911 Caller
During the early day’s of The Pinehills, someone had to be the voice of reason and caution during all the tree climbing and off-roading.

A Creative at Heart
Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with John has a tale to tell. When our PR and Events partner Aigner/Prensky changed their name, John surprised them with a proposal for a full-blown branding campaign for the new company, which he named “A.P.E.” for Aigner Prensky Enterprises. The proposal included a logo (featuring a very large ape, of course,) a catchy tagline, and more. Proof of the marketing genius lurking inside John Judge yearning to be free!

We are so happy that The Pinehills holds so many special memories of John’s career, and we can’t wait to hear all of his forthcoming retirement stories.

Thank you, John. We’ll miss you. Goodbye early meetings and hello early bird specials!

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