How to Photograph Monday's Solar Eclipse

Tips and Tricks from Our Pinehills Neighbor and Pro Photog Ken Grille!

April 05, 2024     Events, People in The Pinehills

Update! 2024's Solar Eclipse through the Lens of Photographer Ken Grille

We asked our Boatwright’s Loop “Bird Buddy” and seasoned nature photographer, Ken Grille, for advice on capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of Monday’s solar eclipse through our camera lenses. Here in Plymouth, Massachusetts, we will have an impressive 90% totality. (Deep Partial Eclipse.) This is a huge event.

Safety Precautions + Photo Tips:
  • For DSLR camera lenses, use an ND filter and underexpose a stop or two for maximum effect.
  • Experiment before the actual eclipse, if possible, to determine your proper settings.
  • If you plan to head north to a place where full totality occurs, you can remove the filter just for those few minutes of totality (while sun is fully blocked) to get some nice photos of that particular phase.
  • As long as the sun is exposed, be sure to use filters and glasses. Your eyes and camera lens are not safe even if the sun is a sliver.
  • Here in Plymouth, a filter and glasses will be needed to view the eclipse through the entire event. We will not have full totality like other places in New England (Maine and Vermont for example.)
  • If you plan to shoot with a smartphone here are some excellent resources:
  • Ken will be shooting at Manomet Point for an unobstructed view, but any beach or field without obstructions is suitable.
  • Event Begins: 2:16pm
  • Event Ends: 4:39pm
  • Highest Totality: Approximately 3:30pm

We’ll be sure to share Ken’s photos next week (weather permitting but BOY it looks promising!)

Monday Weather 4.8.2024

😎 Good luck and have a careful, enjoyable viewing experience!

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