Tony Green on the Love of Trees and Life Among the Pines

Being in nature's fold changes your perception of the world for the better

April 20, 2023     20 Years of Stories, Wednesday Unwind, Behind the Pines

Happy Earth Day!

At the entrance of the Summerhouse at The Pinehills, one of the first things that greets you (even before Pat and Lois!) is a quote from naturalist John Muir - "Between any two pine trees is the doorway to a new life." We hope that those who choose to make their homes here have found a new, fulfilling way of life between and among the pines. Boy do we love those pines.

In this, an episode of 20 Years of Stories fitting for Earth Day, The Pinehills Managing Partner, Tony Green, shares just how important trees are to the entire experience of life at The Pinehills...and life in general: "Here, where it's mostly pine, you can literally smell it. It's visual, and tactile, and in all of your senses, in some ways. It changes your perception of the world. I think we're hardwired for that connection (to the trees.)"

Most outside of The Pinehills don't realize how passionately Tony advocates for the trees here. Since he also loves to climb them, don't be surprised if you spot him up a tree "finding the view."🌲

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