A Story of Place

Lessons learned from a Masterclass in Placemaking

May 20, 2021     Behind the Pines

The Pinehills is a labor of love - and vision. The story begins upon the first visit to Plymouth (America’s Hometown!) and its beautiful pine hills, which told us everything about what we wanted to build: Community. Community that embraces the land and is connected to the rich natural and human history of this place. We saw the way to build homes - to fit the terrain and tuck into the trees; the roads - they would follow the natural valleys in the land; a village green – a place where neighbors (from inside and outside The Pinehills) would meet, gather and celebrate. After awhile, it became apparent to us that the place we were making was special, and we made sure to share the story of just how special with many people. They noticed. A few lessons have been learned along the way…

Trails through Poet's Corner

Lesson #1. Make it the way Mother Nature would.

Roads and trails bend, homes are nestled into the hills and trees, neighborhoods are tucked into the landscape, natural habitats are preserved - done just the way Mother Nature would.

Food Truck Festival

Lesson #2. Food Builds Community.

We learned that food is powerful. It brings us together, shapes our memories, and empowers the communities we build. It's been at the heart of our becoming community in The Pinehills almost since day 1. (Here's that story!)

ULI Tour Summerhouse Cottages

Lesson #3. Share What We’ve Learned.

Harvard. MIT. Yale. SKANSKA. Urban Land Institute. The best of the best come to The Pinehills- a living laboratory - to learn how low-impact development and smart planning can build successful, award-winning communities. And, they start young – with high school aged architecture students from around the world studying at EXPLO at Yale.

Biking Old Sandwich Road

Lesson #4. Encourage a Healthier Community.

Any truth to the link between our health and the where we live? Yes! Communities (like The Pinehills) where people have places to walk and bike are more fit.

Add to that The Market at The Pinehills - Plymouth’s first Healthy Market - with fresh, local choices, and visits from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital dietician, Marcia Richards, who highlights for shoppers the healthy options, we would venture to guess that residents of The Pinehills are enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

MacKenzie Laundry Room

Lesson #5. Laundry Can Wait.

There are countless excuses for leaving the laundry – no matter how beautiful your laundry room is. Creating community includes providing many ways for people to enjoy personal time.

Whether it's finding a club (or clubs!) from among the more than 70 interest related groups at the Stonebridge Club..

Enjoying a day a Spa Mirbeau with your besties...

Taking in an evening out to dinner with friends at Rye Tavern or any of the restaurants at The Pinehills or in Plymouth (AKA foodie heaven!)

Enjoying the Great Outdoors...

Playing a round of golf at one of the two championship (daily fee) golf courses at Pinehills Golf Club...

Or, quietly enjoying life - and the views- from your back patio.

Welcome Center

The Summerhouse

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