2023: A Look Back at Life in Stories at The Pinehills

Laughter-filled events, wonderful neighbors, the buzz of new spaces, places, and businesses. Our community has grown!

January 19, 2024     Homes & Builders, Village Green, Events, Newsroom

As we jump into 2024, join us for one last look back at stories from 2023. We’ll bask in all the goodness that made life at The Pinehills so special last year. From remembering laughter-filled events, to wonderful neighbors, to the buzz of new spaces, places, and businesses, our community has grown, and our collective spirit has truly shone bright in our favorite corner of the world – Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Pinehills Events - Where Smiles Were the Real Dress Code

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Our gatherings are the heartbeat of The Pinehills, all about smiles, laughter, friendships, and the happy memories that make a place feel like home.

The Heartbeat of The Pinehills - Our Amazing Neighbors

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The Pinehills is picturesque landscapes and thoughtfully planned spaces, but that’s not all. It's also a community of people, and they make this place truly special. Let's take a moment to appreciate these gems—our neighbors! Remarkable individuals who are the soul of The Pinehills. Their warmth, kindness, and shared enthusiasm makes this place MORE.

Embracing Nature: The Pinehills' Ode to the Great Outdoors

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In The Pinehills, we are surrounded by a natural wonderland that captivates the senses and beckons you to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and become one with the great outdoors. From rolling hills to serene woodlands, it's a celebration of nature's beauty and a commitment to preserving the land we call home.

Home and Hearth: The Essence of Life in The Pinehills


At its core, The Pinehills is about finding home, and 2023 was a great year for builders and new home neighborhoods from apartments to townhomes, condominiums to bungalows, to Custom and single family homes. Here's to all the homes that shelter our dreams, the neighborhoods that foster connections, and the vibrant tapestry of life that makes The Pinehills a place we love to call home.

And introduced in 2023:

  • Bentgrass Mist golf view condominium homes in the Village Green by The Green Company.
  • Birdsong 55+ Bungalow neighborhood in the Village Green by Barefoot Cottage Company.
  • Hanover at The Pinehills luxury apartment homes began leasing.
  • Outlook East condominium homes with views from the Ridge by The Green Company.
  • Owls Nest single family homes and future neighborhood amenities on the Ridge by Toll Brothers.
  • Rowen at The Pinehills apartment homes on the Village Green welcomes first residents.
  • Symington Woods New phases of the popular Whitman Homes townhomes.

Commerce and Community: The Flourishing Business Landscape of The Pinehills in 2023

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In The Pinehills’ bustling Village Green, a place that families and local businesses both call home, the thriving commercial landscape has become an integral part of our community's identity. In 2023 we welcomed new businesses and saw existing businesses celebrate milestones, and expand or update their spaces to become even more welcoming to customers. Cheers to these businesses that enhance our daily lives, contribute to the unique character of The Pinehills, and make our community a truly special place to call home.

And, the story continues...

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